Here’s a great presentation on Cyber Security by David Greenop & Rob Richardson from U3a and the WEA, enjoy.

Computer & Internet Safety Version 1-1


The biggest security threat that you face is yourself, by wanting to achieve things to quickly you forget to peer check and just click click click to get to your target,when things happen at high speed, as in THE UNIT 200th hr, the outcome can be bloody  and not what is desired. As Chris Wagstaff from Chesterfield’s Compass motorcycle training, whose trained top flight riders at Donnington Park, once told me, sometimes you need to slow right down, identify your weaknesses, review them and see if you can develop past them, only then will you become a small percentage better and faster at what you do and if the FIRE HOSE starts to drown you, have a bath, put some tunes on and take a chill pill…

Go back and check your six – reflective learning

But get back in the saddle and ride like you need to get to someone or just have NO fear !

The war in CYBER SPACE rages every femto second, be careful OUT there, but please get OUT there and stay across the digital divide :-






Security Alerts



l33t or nOOb !


Low hanging fruit ?


Here be Dracula’s pirates !


This is not a fist


Always encourage NON chilling effect communication


But STFU !

Don't tweet OUR serets

Nom Nom …


Dear QUANTUM computer, my noggins quicker at PATTERN RECOGNITION and I got a CACHE that doesn’t overflow !


Don’t make me wake the WOLF ❤ x ❤

Hack the Universe


White Hat logo


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