Fake it till you make it….


Humour and laughter… I could write for age’s and still not beat the greats in this incredible art form !


I did do my first open mike comedy session for Derbyshire Voice’s Mad Pride 2014 wrap up event recently

Stand Up

humour and laughter is obviously a very complex and delicate art  – that requires significant prep work – unless your Robin Williams or Eddie Izzard or other greats that can ad lib at light speed !


here’s a wibbly wobbly sciency wiency video about smiling



BUT this article is about LAUGHTER YOGA, but more importantly an incredible spirit and Laughter Yoga specialist Dal Kular



Unfortunately… I personally can’t do laughter yoga justice in writing, as it is a VERY experiential and involving activity and if you ever get the opportunity to be involved in a Laughter Yoga activity go for it, fake it till you make it and breath !


So, to get a bit of a feel for what it’s all about, here’s a couple of professional short videos about the subject :-


(i) Laughter Yoga session from Derbyshire Voice’s Mad Pride 2013 celebrations


(ii) John Cleese discussing laughter yoga


(iii) An idiot abroad goes to laughter yoga


(iv) If you enjoyed those short videos, you’ll love digging deeper with Dr Madan Kataria


and if you’ve got through all that lot !

why not have a read through Dal’s fantastic e-book, it took her forever to put together and then like a smile she’s giving it away for FREE !


drop by Dal’s website and send her a message of thanks for the above


and if all that floated your goat

Floats your Goat

why not take the journey just a little bit further and have a browse at the Laughter Yoga website …



one last thing…

Pass on a smile, it’s FREE and it might just make someone else’s day a little lighter.



and don’t chase pigeon’s… unless…they chase you first…


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