Digital Inclusion

Update on cost effective / virtually FREE access to the WEB 30/11/2013

Raspberry Pi computer


UNLOCKED Broadband 3G USB dongle

(that is Raspberry Pi compatible)

See PCWORLD dongle details below, may not be suitable for Raspberry Pi !


Samba mobile SIM

watch adverts to gain FREE WEB time

*at this time I have not yet found a way of watching adverts on the raspberry pi, so this solution is not yet complete.


after initial outlay on above, about £40 you watch adverts at and you can use the web for FREE on your Raspberry Pi !

(additional stuff you will need to make Raspberry Pi work – see  2.2 Summary of equipment required for Raspberry Pi setup and )

If you want there’s a donations link on the right hand side of the page if you want to say thank you !


Using (non recommended) Huawei E3131 3G USB dongle

sudo apt-get install sg3-utils

sudo /usr/bin/sg_raw /dev/sr0 11 06 20 00 00 00 00 00 01 00

sudo dhclient eth1

(gnash, sg3-utils,, sakis3g, )


Book on Digital Inclusion 30/11/2013

The following is the start of a book / pamphlet / resource I am putting together about Digital Inclusion

The Digital Divide 30/11/2013

The following 1m 30s , very busy, video discusses and demonstrates the Digital Divide

Cost effectively accessing the INTERNET

The following is the cheapest way I am currently aware of of getting hooked up to the net in the UK, apart from using free computers out in the community in places like libraries :-

(i) Buy a T-Mobile broadband dongle from PC-WORLD

The E120 are £5 and can be unlocked for free
The E3131 are £10 pounds and can be unlocked from ebay for less than £1 i.e. 290785967137
(ii) Then use a GIFF GAFF data sim for £5 a month !

Once up and running your basic net access costs £5 a month, If you can find a cheaper way of doing it I would appreciate an update so I can share, I am aware of tethering through phones, but many providers are now charging extra for this !

If you found this post of any use or have an feedback I would appreciate your comments – thanks Infostocksy


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