Spring 2015 WEA deployments

December 31, 2014

The following are links to courses I am deploying through the WEA (Workers Educational Association) during spring 2015, as well as some details on the WEA.

Learning something new or developing in an area you already have an interest in is always incredibly rewarding.










remember course fees are significantly reduced or FREE if you are on qualifying benefits, further details at the following link :-


More Info

Want to learn something different, have a look at the WEA brochures here :-


or use the ONLINE course finder :-



here’s the Workers Educational Association’s website :-


and their website for the East Midlands region :-



Autumn 2014 TABLET technology course – Chesterfield & Mansfield

September 1, 2014

“Computing is moving away from the bulky laptop and desktop to the instant on, rapid access, highly accessible tablet based technology that aligns and replicates technology most of us use everyday on our smart phones.

This course takes learners on a journey, explaining what TABLET computing technology is , why it replaces computers as we know them and shows how tablets can be very enriching to daily activities.”


the following are a few areas that will get covered as the course progresses :-


– Where did tablets come from

– What bit’s and bob’s make a tablet

– What can we do with our tablets

– Managing digital stuff

– Is there really an “app” for that ?

– Security

– much more…


The course will be available in Chesterfield and Warsop (near Mansfield) as follows :-



Tuesday 14th October for 7 weeks

13:00 – 15:00

enrol by clicking here or calling WEA Chesterfield on 01246 278623


Warsop – near Mansfield

Thursday 16th October for 7 weeks

10:30 – 12:30

enrol by clicking here or calling WEA Mansfield on 01623 427352


The following is some great information about tablet technology from WHICH consumer magazine :-

A short 3 min video WHICH TABLET video

and a descriptive guide to choosing a TABLET

Fantastic educational speaker – Sir Ken Robinson

August 6, 2014

I recently read a review of a book “Having Meta Skills will make you happy” at BOOK BUZZ, I found the review so fascinating that I left a review of the “review” !


following on from that, the author of the review article responded signposting Sir Ken Robinson. After a quick google search I found that Ken had provided numerous talks about education via the TED platform – ideas worth spreading – never having watched a poor TED talk I proceeded to watch some of his works and made notes as I went along, below are links to the short and incredibly insightful videos that Ken has spoken in and a few notes from those speeches.


Schools kill creativity


19 mins 24 secs

  • Kid’s will take chances and will be prepared to be wrong.
  • Adults fear being wrong.
  • Is the purpose of education to create university professors, who live in their heads !


Bring on the revolution


16 mins 48 secs

  • We make poor use of our talents.
  • We’re all good at something.
  • Some people endure rather than enjoy what they do !
  • Education can dislocate people from their natural talents.
  • Abraham Lincoln “The dogma’s of the quite past are inadequate to the stormy present, the occasion is piled high with difficulty and we must rise with the occasion, as our case is new so we must think anew and act anew, we must disenthrall ourselves and then we shall save our country”
  • Don’t take things for granted.
  • Kid’s don’t wear watches anymore because it’s a single function device !
  • Are we obsessed with getting people to college ?
  • Kids being interviewed to go to Kindergarden !
  • Industrialised fast food model of education is wrong, what we actually need is an agricultural model of education where we create an environment for people to flourish and grow.
  • Time is plastic, when we are passionate it flies, but when we are enduring the task it drags.


Changing education paradigms


11 mins 40 secs

  • Education reforms occur in two strands (i) Economic (ii) Cultural
  • Trying to meet the future by doing what’s been done in the past won’t work.
  • Historically – If you worked hard you got a job – this isn’t guaranteed anymore.
  • The current system of education was conceived in the culture of the enlightenment and industrial revolution, we’ve moved on from that !
  • Before the 19th century there was no real public education systems.
  • Working class kids were considered incapable of learning to read or write
  • We were driven by an economic imperative of the time.
  • It defined two types of people – academic and non academic – smart people and not smart people !
  • Most people do not benefit from the education system.
  • Does ADHD really exist ?
  • Kids are now medicated as routinely as removing tonsils – because it’s fashionable !
  • Kids are living in the most intensely stimulating period in history and we are penalising them for getting distracted.
  • ADHD has risen in line with standardised testing processes which have  forced us into a compliance model.
  • We use drugs to calm kids down !
  • The ARTS utilise senses operating at their peak.
  • An anaesthetic deadens the senses and drugs do just that !
  • We should be awakening kids to their true potential
  • The current system of education is modelled on industrialised model. 
  • Why do we batch kids up into production lines !
  • We knock divergent / lateral thinking out of people as they move through the education system !
  • The more educated we are the less creative we become – we’re told there’s only one answer !
  • Most great learning happens in groups, so we focus on the individual !
  • Collaboration is the stuff of growth.


How to escape educations death valley


19 mins 11 secs

  • No child left behind is leaving millions of children behind !
  • In the united states 60% of kids drop out of high school.
  • If we could half the drop out rate, it would create a net gain to the US economy within 10 years of nearly a trillion dollars !

There are three basic principles that human life flourishes under 

(i) Humans are naturally diverse, no two people are the same.

  • but education systems is generally based on conformity !
  • does ADHD really exist – shouldn’t we embrace personal growth – especially in children !

(ii) Curiosity

  • Light the spark and kids will learn without assistance.
  • Curiosity is the engine of achievement.
  • Teachers are the lifeblood of the success of schools.
  • Teaching is a creative profession not just an information delivery system.
  • Great teachers mentor, stimulate, provoke and engage.
  • Teachers facilitate learning – that is all !
  • Testing should not be the dominant culture of teaching or obstruct the process !
  • The process is currently compliant learning rather than exciting curious learning

(iii) Human life is inherently creative

  • We create our lives 
  • Finland have 0% school drop out rate
  • There is little standardised testing in Finland
  • High performing schools :-

(a) individualise teaching and learning, students are the learners and the system has to engage them

(b) attribute high status to profession of teaching.

(c) devolve responsibility to school level to getting the job done.

  • Current policies are based on mechanistic model of education.
  • Education is NOT an industrial process – it’s more an agricultural process where we create an environment for people to learn and thrive.
  • Organisms, which humans are, thrive under specific conditions.
  • Create a climate of possibility.

Further information about Ken and his great thinkings with more videos and articles is available at his incredible web site :-




Please add a comment if you enjoyed or learn’t something from this quick review of some of Ken’s fantastic material.

A little WEA news – July 2014

July 29, 2014

You can go to the newly redesigned and rebranded Workers Educational Association website and access some fantastic content and stories


I just wanted to highlight a couple of WEA areas of interest :-

(i) You can search for and register for WEA courses online via the above website or the following link :-


(ii) You may be able to get significant financial help to attend a course i.e. If your on specific benefits the course maybe completely FREE to you or if you really want to attend a course but are struggling financially you may be able to apply for Discretionary learner support, further details at the following link :-


(iii) For the first time in 111 years the WEA have issued a manifesto of 9 key recommendations

(1) Ensure there is always an opportunity for adults to return to learning

(2) Promote equality, opportunity and productivity at work

(3) Develop educational opportunities for the most disadvantaged

(4) Help people stay active throughout life through health education

(5) Reduce health inequalities to give people more control over their own wellbeing

(6) Promote tolerance and inclusion through access to English

(7) Value lifelong learning so adults of any age can study

(8) Help parents become educational role models

(9) Value volunteering through a single credible set of measurements

details are available in the manifesto available at the following link :-


(iv) One of the WEA’s key areas of focus, as can be seen from item (4) and (5) in the above manifesto is HEALTH and WELLBEING, this being reflected in part of the WEA’s 2014 appeal which focuses on MENTAL HEALTH :-

Improving mental health through education

“Over 5,000 enrolments on courses for people experiencing mental health difficulties”


(v) The CHESTERFIELD WEA facility is currently moving from it’s HURST HOUSE facility to it’s new location at 1 Stand Road, Whittington Moor, Chesterfield. S41 8SW

and CHESTERFIELD’s AUTUMN 2014 course booklet is now available at the following link :-



Ubuntu !

November 29, 2013

I sign my stuff ubuntu alot, the funny thing is cause I’m a bit of a techno geek it gets mistaken that I’m a fanboy of the LINUX UBUNTU operating system distribution, I’m not against LINUX or UBUNTU, but when I sign stuff off as ubuntu it’s more about the philosophical meaning behind the term, simply and quickly illustrated by the following :-

“An anthropologist proposed a game to African tribe kids. He put a basket full of fruit near a tree and told them that whoever got there first won the sweet fruits. When he told them to run they all took each others hands and ran together, then sat together enjoying their treats. When he asked them why they had run like that as one could have had all the fruits for himself they said: UBUNTU, how can one of us be happy if all the other ones are sad?

UBUNTU in the Xhosa culture means: “I am because we are”

Coincidentally as I write this, information about a new film about Nelson Mandela “Long walk to freedom” , who epitomises UBUNTU has just been released :-

http://t.co/VWpDCRS3cA  – if it doesn’t win an OSCAR I will be amazed !

If you want to know more, WIKIPEDIA isn’t a bad reference :-


I also feel passionately about PAY IT FORWARD, but WIKIPEDIA have this all wrong as the philosophical concept was around ages before the film – c’est la vie !

Namaste !

Posts & Pages frustration and link to TABLET technology article

November 29, 2013

Well I still don’t understand the WORDPRESS post’s versus pages hierarchy thing, except post’s appear as a timeline and pages I can give nice titles to that I can remember but never appear on the timeline unless I create a POST like this, I’m sure it’s REALLY obvious to those that know, but to the naive who just want to write, the technology best’s me and is overruled by the desire to write and communicate !

Babble aside, the following is a “PAGE” about the recent WEA Mansfield TABLET TECHNOLOGY course I delivered, enjoy :-



Maybe I need a training course !

March 20, 2013


Seem to being challenged again by WORDPRESS in the we hours !

Training BLOG has been updated with respect to the latest development of the WEA’s Introduction to the Raspberry Pi :-


Which interconnects with my personal business :-


and has very strong linkages to DIGITAL INCLUSION and closing the DIGITAL DIVIDE :-


Computer Stuff

November 25, 2012

One day I’ll understand WORDPRESS and posting and pages, but until then I’ll just use it to blog and lay down some musings, the other day I created a page for COMPUTER STUFF and did a quick overview of the WINDOWS 8 upgrade process – WINDOWS 8 PRO currently being on offer for £25 until the end of January 2013.

Find the review at the following link :-




November 17, 2012

Stuff that is related to INFOSTOCKY’s BUSINESS activities has been moved from the main BLOG page to it’s own dedicated area that can be found by clicking on the following link :-

Business related information


October 28, 2012

The following are charities I am either actively involved with or I am very passionate about :-

Personally altruistic and focused on PAY IT FORWARD – UBUNTU !

Workers Education Association

Been actively involved with teaching those that need to grow from free or low cost services since early 2010

Bipolar UK

Resigned from an 18 year career in Nuclear Industry due to burn out post 9/11 and diagnosed with BIPOLAR disorder shortly after.

I am now a key facilitator for BIPOLAR UK CHESTERFIELD, helping others newly diagnosed or in crisis understand the condition and develop activities and strategies to proactively manage the condition.

Derbyshire Voice

An independent organisation supporting individuals with mental health challenges.

Highlighting identified challenges to mental GOOD health support facilities provided by organisations such as the NHS.

Access Space

An incredible facility near the Sheffield railway station that FREELY stimulates, supports and encourages technology and art growth


Children are OUR future and every life counts


Every life counts – UBUNTU

Sports / Comic relief

Getting fit / laughing to help others – whats not to like

British heart Foundation

Chronic heart disease is rampant throughout the family, understanding and managing the condition is beneficial to health

Chesterfield Shopmobility

I help this local charity with all there IT issues.