Here’s a recent article on the deployment of training about computer TABLET’s for the WEA


Currently in the process of creating the second deployment of the WEA’s Introduction to the Raspberry Pi

Further details are available on the DAIN BLOG

The courses initial deployment and resources are available on the DAIN BLOG


Give a man a fish, teach a man to fish, I just want one more day with my bait in the water (no phones, tablets or laptops allowed) – specimen hunting, if it was a great white, yanking me off the back of a boat from Forked River my ears would fall off from the smile (I did catch puffer fish from the back of the house on Butler Boulevard, but released them, after showing the kids what happens when you upset a puffer fish !) – now I’m just hungry…Sushi or BBQ’d Rudd, decisions, decisions…

“Tell me – I WILL forget”

“Show me – I MAY remember”

“Involve me – I WILL understand”

Love to write, but it takes SOOOO long, will get back to working on my book one day… but until then I’ll keep tweeting – 140 characters and done – simples !

This page will be about training , facilitating growth in others :-

(see )

– Degree and thirst for knowledge

Thesis – “Development of an intelligent, computer-based, materials engineering tutoring / assessment system”

– Loads of highly technical and complicated training courses attended over 20 years in the Nuclear Industry

Confined space work, working at heights or shuffling fuel rods are not a walk in the park  and need very complicated simulations and role playing to increase the potential for success.

Extending this to a whole next level – Nuclear oversight ensures that the nuclear industry remains as safe as practicable for the public, in my 20 years in the industry I underwent detailed training on issues such as the Challenger – Morton Thiokal issue, Columbia take off insulationg foam issue etc as well as all the standard nuclear stuff, Chernobyl, TMI, Davis Besse etc also, I spent many days being the operating experience coordiantor at the plant I was stationed at sharing and communicating industry specific findings.

Here’s some info about NUCLEAR power, that generates the electricity that let’s you watch Ant & Dec’s saturday takeaway…

And if your TOTALLY ANTI NUCLEAR, I fully repect your opinion, but just have a gander at this :-

– Quality improvement specialist for Nuclear Electric

Kaizen – always say something good first – paper is very nice

– Strategy specialist for British Energy

“If my mum can’t understand what were doing, we won’t get the message across”

– PADI Divemaster

Over 125 logged dives in 3 years and hundreds of students assisted

ZENOBIA dived 9 times in 7 days to depths of 40 metres – you will need many cert’s to do this, one being PADI DEEP DIVER speciality, but you will remember dives like this for ever – PRICELESS !

– Training coordinator for Exelon Nuclear

Identify need -> Plan and Design -> Deliver and facilitate -> Assess -> Evaluate -> begin again…

Ensuring Nuclear Engineers were certified and qualified to perform their incredibly technical and complicated vocations to international regulatory standards – namsate brothers !

– Volunteering for DAIN project

Over 100 professional community digital engagement specialists trained and well over 1000, and continuing, people assisted over the digital divide

– Formalising knowledge and training skills via C&G PTLLLS qualification

Preparing to Teach in the Life Long Learning Sector

Kudos to Chesterfield College’s Kevin Pitman an inspirational 21st century tutor

– Involvement with WEA – one of the UK’s biggest adult education providers

Kudos to Pearl Ryall and Ann Walker – inspirational leaders who fuel the flame of passion in others

– Have to mention the ASHINGTON GROUP, they are key to MY personal WEA journey, being a working class lad thats come from no where, just like the brothers from Durham !

– Accepted as WEA trainer

Delivery of the WEA’s first course on the RASPBERRY PI – a £16 computer developed in the United Kingdom from Cambridge that can help bridge the digital divide.

Kudos to Eben Upton and the Foundation – incredible work !

Kudos to Mike Wilson for driving to WEA Hurst House Chesterfield, an adult education centre staffed by incredible volunteers, to mentor me through the WEA planning processes

Polishing off and putting meat on the bones above may occur in the future, or that time may be used for new, exciting and engaging activities… until then the journey continues in the age of pisces…

Finally I would not be where I am today without an INCREDIBLE and INSPIRATIONAL person, Andria Birch – who, like many in the WEA she see’s potential in others, nuture’s it and drive’s it forward to great things…thanks Andria !

And finally finally, cause some of the above was a little dry and a little serious, some humour from a 21st century Python !



2 Responses to “Training”

  1. Andria Birch Says:

    Hi Steve, great post about your journey and feel privileged to have been involved. Very kind words but that is what WEA is all about and those who love the WEA pass on what learning they can and learn much in return. I’m very glad that this now includes you and many other DAs, and look forward to working with you all to continue to pas on our love of learning!

  2. Maybe I need a training course ! | Infostocksy's Blog Says:

    […] […]

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