Security Alerts

This infection came from advertising embedded in the SPEEDTEST.NET app

Just clicked on a link on a ANDROID phone and got a screen telling me an important update was required to my phone, redirected me to a VIRUS and MALWARE software download checking site

Android Virus and Spyware alert

Per my TRAINING COURSE on using PHONE AND TABLET technology :-

I would highly recommend you use APP’s from the VERIFIED APP store that you can trust, the current big players in the area of mobile security, as noted in the training course, being :-

  • AVG
  • Lookout
  • Norton

Personally I use “avast! Mobile Security” on my phone and “Avira Free Antivirus” on Windows 7.

If it doesn’t feel right turn it off and start again and be careful what you click on, but DO NOT BE AFRAID to stay across the digital divide and enjoy the riches technology can bring to your day




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