A little WEA news – July 2014

You can go to the newly redesigned and rebranded Workers Educational Association website and access some fantastic content and stories


I just wanted to highlight a couple of WEA areas of interest :-

(i) You can search for and register for WEA courses online via the above website or the following link :-


(ii) You may be able to get significant financial help to attend a course i.e. If your on specific benefits the course maybe completely FREE to you or if you really want to attend a course but are struggling financially you may be able to apply for Discretionary learner support, further details at the following link :-


(iii) For the first time in 111 years the WEA have issued a manifesto of 9 key recommendations

(1) Ensure there is always an opportunity for adults to return to learning

(2) Promote equality, opportunity and productivity at work

(3) Develop educational opportunities for the most disadvantaged

(4) Help people stay active throughout life through health education

(5) Reduce health inequalities to give people more control over their own wellbeing

(6) Promote tolerance and inclusion through access to English

(7) Value lifelong learning so adults of any age can study

(8) Help parents become educational role models

(9) Value volunteering through a single credible set of measurements

details are available in the manifesto available at the following link :-


(iv) One of the WEA’s key areas of focus, as can be seen from item (4) and (5) in the above manifesto is HEALTH and WELLBEING, this being reflected in part of the WEA’s 2014 appeal which focuses on MENTAL HEALTH :-

Improving mental health through education

“Over 5,000 enrolments on courses for people experiencing mental health difficulties”


(v) The CHESTERFIELD WEA facility is currently moving from it’s HURST HOUSE facility to it’s new location at 1 Stand Road, Whittington Moor, Chesterfield. S41 8SW

and CHESTERFIELD’s AUTUMN 2014 course booklet is now available at the following link :-




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