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Gather yea rosebuds while yea may….

August 16, 2014
  • Make hay while the sun shines
  • Bag your penguins while you can
  • Seize the day
  • Carpe Diem
  • Do it now, for tomorrow is but a dream

The following are some musings about mental health after the sad passing, on august 11th 2014, of the incredible fire brand that was Robin Williams.

I am not an expert (ex is something that was and “s”purt is a drip under pressure) on Mental Health, but the area has had significance to me for many years and like other life long health conditions the elephant will always be in the room, but it’s a little fluffy one with a big giggly grin !

fluffy elephant

We ALL have mental health, at times it’s positive, at times it can be challenging – hopefully we all have tools and techniques that can move us from the later to the former….

The passing of Robin Williams, this last week, continues to show that mental health challenges are as indiscriminate, if not more so, as other life long health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease etc. – it is always saddening to loose … anything ! Celebrities such as Robin are obviously just the tip of the iceberg and many suffer in silence every day with a diverse range of health challenges. But many also have the ability to turn such challenges into incredible things of beauty, I’m thinking of Stephen Hawking, Ellie Simmonds, Stephen Sutton, Jean-Dominique Bauby, John Nash etc

So, here’s an interesting article from the Guardian on Friday on suicide

– Suicide is the biggest killer of MEN between 20 and 49

– Suicide is predominately a male disorder.

Did Robin die from suicide, depression, parkinson’s or did his massive ♥ just give up !

here’s an article on how parkinson’s and depression are linked–parkinson-s-and-depression-203615441.html

suicide is preventable :-

and depression can be managed :-

on my blog about mental health you can find an article titled “PLANNING FOR FAILURE” that discusses “Care plans” and “Advanced Directives” basically planning for the challenging times when your doing OK :-

I wrote the other day on who to contact if things spin out of control – it’s good to talk and know such numbers for emergencies :-

So…if you got this far, here’s some smiles – pass them on, their FREE :-

or if music’s your thing, here’s 24 hours of happy

If you want to know more I would be interested to discuss further, alternatively your search engine of choice is your friend.

As always comments on this article are always appreciated, namaste,

 Steve ♥