Bi Polar

So here’s another incredibly powerful poem by Micheal, one of the members of Bipolar UK Chesterfield :-

No Man’s Land

War is weary

War is dread

Bombs like thunder

All around my head

Get down quick mate

Too late

Now he’s dead


With the misty dawn of silence

Broken by the crows

Filthy in my trench now

Trying to write some prose

As time stands still

In No Man’s Land


Lungs scream for some air

Far back in the Chateau

Do the Generals care

If they came to the front line

They’d have a real scare


It’s no mans land

It’s no mans land


Horses floundering through the mud

Soldiers fighting

the best they could


It’s no mans land

It’s no mans land


Aeroplanes and dropping bombs

Dogfighting overhead

All the time

The awful feeling of the Total Dread


Nightmares I can’t speak about

Not even to my MUM

Mr Fritz has seen to that

Goodbye Goodbye

To the Hun


But simple men

Like you and me

Don’t want to die and bleed


It satisfies the Generals

Before they go to seed


I was diagnosed with BIPOLAR DISORDER (Manic Depression to give it it’s historical name) in 2006.

I tirelessly support others with this condition via volunteering for BIPOLAR UK Chesterfield and being a service receiver representative for Derbyshire Voice.

I am currently in training for the Helen’s Trust 10K at Chatsworth House on the 19th May 2013 and can be sponsored at the following –

Tonight was our fortnightly get together where we do a caring, sharing, peer support thingy, if your reading this and want support in your area have a look at the following link :-

Jane, one of our members showed us her incredible works of art that reflects the highs and lows of this debilitating condition.

and Micheal, one of our newest members, who suffers from PTSD as well as Bipolar Disorder, after having served the flag in many tours of duty and lost the ability to step up for his country after taking a hit from an IRA bomb,  read the following, that he has kindly agreed that I can share with you, I hope my interpretation of his writing does it justice – his passion and delivery of his words was incredible !


Bang Bang

to the beat of the drum

the bullets and the bombs

the generals

they were wrong

oh why oh why

did they have to die

in a pointless war

oh why oh why

did they have to die

with screaming schrapnel

through the night

Oh my lord

what an horrific sight

as the bold and the brave

stood side by side

with their hands on their hearts

who died and died

so valiantly

on Flanders fields

with the mental pain

and the time that heals

with the pain

and the drain

on suffering hearts

lets prey to god

it never starts


87 was a terrible year

I saw horrible things

with terrible fear

my good friends died

I cried and cried

and cried and cried

but the IRA

just lied and lied


Gulf war one

has been and gone

all because of the honorouble tom

Gulf war two

so through and through

Blair and Bush

they knew and knew


oil is black

and oil is red

spilt with blood of the honourable DEAD



One Response to “Bi Polar”

  1. wjd Says:

    Really good Poems. I love to see people who genuinely care about others who are suffering too, instead of drowning in their own self pity. We should all reach out for other’s who are going through something similar to ourselves. When the sand turns to sinking sand then there will always be someone to pull us up.

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