Autumn 2014 TABLET technology course – Chesterfield & Mansfield

“Computing is moving away from the bulky laptop and desktop to the instant on, rapid access, highly accessible tablet based technology that aligns and replicates technology most of us use everyday on our smart phones.

This course takes learners on a journey, explaining what TABLET computing technology is , why it replaces computers as we know them and shows how tablets can be very enriching to daily activities.”


the following are a few areas that will get covered as the course progresses :-


– Where did tablets come from

– What bit’s and bob’s make a tablet

– What can we do with our tablets

– Managing digital stuff

– Is there really an “app” for that ?

– Security

– much more…


The course will be available in Chesterfield and Warsop (near Mansfield) as follows :-



Tuesday 14th October for 7 weeks

13:00 – 15:00

enrol by clicking here or calling WEA Chesterfield on 01246 278623


Warsop – near Mansfield

Thursday 16th October for 7 weeks

10:30 – 12:30

enrol by clicking here or calling WEA Mansfield on 01623 427352


The following is some great information about tablet technology from WHICH consumer magazine :-

A short 3 min video WHICH TABLET video

and a descriptive guide to choosing a TABLET


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