Published articles, citations

Cause I keep forgetting what I’ve done ;), here’s some stuff that I’ve done that’s been recognised by the media :-

Became an ambassador for the WEA

Presentation to European Social Fund’s Innovation, Transnationality and Mainstreaming Programme about the work to help community members cross the digital divide.

Award received on behalf of the DAIN project at WEA East Midlands regional 2012 AGM

A short video (2 mins) showcasing some of the incredible activities I was involved in whilst working in the United States

(If you have problems playing, consider using the brilliant VLC player)

Article in local newspaper about our Digital Championship work :-

Recipient of DAIN 2012 award

Presentation for application for DAIN 2012 awards

Concern about the commercialisation and loss of heritage in Chesterfield

Article in local paper whilst working for Segway UK

TV – Pulling Power – Video Segment whilst working for Segway UK

Concern over the loss of heritage in our local town – Chesterfield

Concern over the closure of the Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station

Part of the team promoting the Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station

Honour received in respect of activities carried at Clinton Nuclear Power Station

Together Everyone Achieves More

Boy from no where does good

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