2011 – they think it’s all over…

2011 –  it’s been a fun old year.

Your honoured 😉 – I don’t usually write on here, normally don’t have the time, so generally just post the odd 140 characters here and there on TWITTER – http://www.twitter.com/infostocksy

Put the motorbike back on the road this year, it had been laid up outside for the best part of two years, I didn’t lay it up well, just basically parked it up after riding it through the winter without cleaning it ! I managed to find a website, there’s the odd one or two out there, that dealt with the bike I owned – Honda Shadow Owner’s Club UK – http://www.hsocuk.com and got lots of information from like minded owners. Went through the manual and carried out a thorough service, did as much as I could myself, which was fun never having laid a spanner on the bike before and then got the shop to check a couple of things for me, main thing was that the battery needed replacing, didn’t even drain the fuel out, just re-energised it using PRO FST, full oil change and coolant change, Failed MOT on front brake switch ! not bad for being off road for best part of two years. Then the riding began 😉 from the MOT in April until bonfire weekend rode 1,200 miles, notable rides being – Ride out to Barton on Humber Bike night – INCREDIBLE, ride out to Humber bridge, Market Rasen – Willingham Woods and Cleethorpes and finishing the riding off with a ride out to Whitby’s Goth Weekend on bonfire weekend – don’t think there will be many miles in before 2012’s  MOT in April – cold weather has pulled in and salty dirty roads – but here’s hoping 🙂

Fishing – well again, I bought my permit for Poolsbook lakes and then didn’t fish them that much 😉 Fished a little pond near Arkwright village that’s just heaving with millions of small fish and would be great for the kids – picked up 17 crucian carp in an afternoon, none of them massive, but great sport. Fished a set of ponds at Barlborough and caught the biggest mirror carp I’ve ever caught – 8lb, lovely set of ponds, but because there close to the M1, like the ponds at Hardwick Hall – very noisy – which has put me off them. Moved from reel and float, waggler pellet to pole and float, pellet – very different way of fishing, very accurate and precise.

Bagged around 90 geocaches this year, about 1/3 rd of all the finds since I started geocaching in 2008, there’s a writeup on here about what it’s all about, so I won’t witter on about it, apart from to say I’ve now moved to using the Smart Phone for geocaching ( using the free – C:GEO) – which isn’t much fun when you loose data coverage ! but it does make the whole paper free caching thing work SO WELL 😉 and it’s a nice cheap hobby that get’s you out and about 😉

Mid year had a trip to the big city to help a buddy close his flat out, such a blast and sooooo much fun in 48 hours – incredibly memorable.

Later end of the year I went back to College, 25 years since I’d been there for my OND, this time it was to undertake the Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector, a 10 week and intensive homework program to obtain a teaching qualification – twas interesting to see how learning and teaching has changed dramatically in the 21st century, the facilities at college being completely different to 25 years ago, in the old days you had to send requests to a computer some 10 miles away and wait for the response, these days you can read and borrow books electronically and see all your lessons electronically – it all changes 😉 So the challenge I have is to change the qualification into formal teaching, should be a fun journey 😉

Recently went to Cresswell Crags and had a tour of one of the caves, crazy to walk around and see evidence of where early man lived 50,000 years ago !

Some other notable days out :-

British Museum – Elgin Marbles, Rosetta Stone

Tower of London – Crown Jewels

Bristol Zoo – could have watched the Gorilla’s for days and days 🙂

Natural history museum

Science museum

Bolsover Castle Medieval Weekend

Yorkshire Wildlife Park – what a great day out

Watching the fishermen and chilling out in Paignton harbour

Steam train ride to a great lunch in Dartmouth

If you got this far 😉 Well done – it must definately be time for a beer now 😉

Cheer’s and here’s to an exciting and entertaining 2012 🙂


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