Creating a VIRTUAL prescence

I do not confess to be an expert in this area! As I have been informed  – an X is something that was and a SPURT is a drip under pressure !

Recently attending a couple of DAIN Project meetings where experienced volunteers such as myself would PAY FORWARD to the new trainee’s and newly trained DIGITAL ACTIVISTS experience gathered whilst delivering DIGITAL INCLUSION activities to our local communities, we have been asked to share experience in a number of different ways (If this isn’t gramatically correct or doesn’t read perfectly I won’t apologise ! I’m sharing and if you want perfection please pay for it at places such as AMAZON.COM or WATERSTONES.COM !).

So the following are the key tools that I have used to create a PERSONAL VIRTUAL PRESCENCE over the last few years.

Firstly, and one of the most difficult was to come up with the BRAND, I wanted to include the family name, as I am very proud of who I am and where I’ve come from. I’ve been on the Internet for around 20 years and to prove that everything you do leaves a digital footprint here’s a link to a forum post I made in 1997 ! 

I also wanted to capture something that encompassed my insatiable thirst for knowledge, this having been triggered by the research I undertook whilst at POLYTECHNIC (University for you young un’s) into the area of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and EXPERT SYSTEMS – I still cherish this thesis and re-read it from time to time, the text within it being as valid today as it was when I authored it some 20 plus years ago.

Thus was born the idea of the brand – INFORMATION and STOCKS, this obviously got mashed up into the main ALIAS I use when online INFOSTOCKSY

Taking this a step further I wanted this to become a VIRTUAL thing, so I went and registered the DOMAIN with WILD WEST DOMAIN’s for about £6 a year and thus was born INFOSTOCKSY.COM

The whole bailiwick comes together when knitted with the following services :-

WORDPRESS – I can write blog’s such as this and have used many different websites and tools over the years, read down to the inception of this blog and it links back to a BLOGGER account, which in turn links back to a MICROSOFT Blogging site ( which BEING Microsoft ! they have censored the WEB and taken that website down !

BUT blogging is NOT about which webstite or toolset you use, it’s about the words you type – It’s all about CONTENT

TWITTER – It take’s soooooooo long to write and edit blogs ! Twitter – 140 characters, said what I need to say and I’m done. Here’s a link to a BLOG article I wrote about Twitter that’s gives you loads of info about what the fuss is all about 

TWITVID – Sometimes I have video I want to share, twitvid allows me to upload it from my phone to there site and share a link to it via Twitter.

TWITPIC – Same as TWITVID but for pictures, feel free to search TWITPIC or TWITVID using the term infostocksy

FACEBOOK – Twitter’s a completely open network and can be seen by the world, hello mum ! Facebook on the other hand is a closed (ISH !)  network and can only be seen by people you allow, so you probably won’t get to see my Facebook account unless you can be TRUSTED ! as it’s private for friends and family.

All the above can or are connected to my FANTASTIC ANDROID MOBILE phone, so I can share stuff when I am away from my computer, for instance at the recent DIGITAL ACTIVIST get together I was tweeting some of the great points that were being discussed in order to capture the points and share with my twitter followers and the world about what was going on.

So, I am not going to edit this much, it is what it is ! and I find BLOGGING a challenge due to the effort to hack together a few hundred words such as this.

If it was fun to read (yawn) or helped you understand having a prescence on the Web and some of the tools you can use to enable this, please let me know via the million of ways you can connect with me – a follow on Twitter and a @ or D tweet would produce a smile.

Till next time – Google FUD ! Have fun and remember to PAY IT FORWARD –


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