Geocaching – whats that all about

As part of finding my 200th GEOCACHE I thought I would write a few notes on the fun activity that is GEOCACHING.

Basically, its treasure hunting utilising a GPS. You find the coordinates of little boxes of treasure people have hidden out in the wild and then go off and try and find them. Its a great way of getting out in the out doors and getting a bit of exercise and fresh air.

Cache’s can contain

  • Geocoins – ornately stamped coins that travel from one cache to another and can also have associated missions.
  • Travelbugs – items that generally carry a dog tagged code number, again they move from cache to cache and can have missions that they are trying to complete.
  • Trinkets / Goodies – generally the rule of thumb here is that you can take something from the cache so long as you leave something of equal value for others to find.
  • To date I have utilised 3 different SAT NAV / GPS devices for GEOCACHING
    • Initially the CAR SAT NAV
      • Concerned about it getting dropped or wet
      • Battery didn’t last long at all while out in the wild
      • Manually entering co-ords a pain
      • Getting used to heading and where we were going was fun !
    • Secondly purchased a ruggedised GARMIN SUMMIT
      • Black and White display, so batteries lasted forever
      • Ruggedised, so no fear of dropping it. Completely sealed and guaranteed for water immersion.
      • Entering coordinates in manually a pain
      • Invested in the PC data cable, so could download coordinates from
      • Unfortunately all that is downloaded are the coordinates and nothing else.
    • Currently enjoying using an ANDROID MOBILE phone
      • The FREE c:geo application is fantastic
      • As the units colour and doing other stuff as well, battery life is just about OK.
      • Unfortunately it’s quite an expensive SMART PHONE and Geocaching can be wet and muddy at times, the two not making for a great partnership.
      • Constant data connection allows virtually instant downloading of geocaching information, hints and tips etc whilst out in the field.
  • Had a few FTF’s – FIRST TO FINDS
    • One up in the Lake District, unfortunately nothing in value to move on in the cache.
    • One 1/2 hr after it was published and met another cacher coming to claim FTF on our way back to the car after we had bagged the FTF status !
  • Found some cleverly disguised MAGIC NET (magnet) caches fastened to metal street boxes.
  • Moved a little boys travel bug CAR, that had not moved since placing in a cache some four hundred miles.
  • Attended a few Geocaching meet ups, where fellow cachers get together for a pint and a sandwich and discuss there adventures.
    • Generally meet up’s will have a string of newly deployed caches in the area to give the event a fun based activity as well.
  • The 1st ever geocache found was interesting as we didn’t have a clue what we were looking for, stopped in a visitors centre for coffee and the guy behind the counter knew what we were upto as he was a fellow geocacher and he discussed things with us and gave us some pointers without giving the game away.
  • Done a number of great puzzle cache’s where each cache is part of a clue to the final coordinates of the main cache.
  • Carried out some technically difficult caches in woods where GPS coverage is always quite sporadic.
  • Been out for dinner, more than once, and decided to pick up a few caches in the local area, whilst not dressed appropriately !
  • Undertaken a couple of SECRET SANTA missions, one international and one based just in the UK. These are a pure joy as you get a SECRET package from a fellow cacher with lots of caching goodies in it.
  • Placed a couple of GEOCOINS out in the wild.
    • Steps in Time appears to have stalled after just short of 8000 miles travelled
    • The religious one seems to have disappeared after just short of 300 miles – Shame –
  • Collected (and moved on) all the 5 GARMIN GEOCOINS that were released into the wild.
  • Have now reached 200 plus finds and therefore can have UK, Europe and World ranking tracked via

To everyone’s caches we visited – TFTC – Thanks for the cache and the fun of the game.


2 Responses to “Geocaching – whats that all about”

  1. best shampoo for curly hair available in india Says:

    I didn’t know that.

  2. Marchelle Says:

    So we just started goiaccheng, thank you Damon for bringing it up, and we love it. My husband has gotten totally addicted and it has become what we do when ever we have some spare time!! Our kids have had a blast roaming around new places, and finding undiscovered treasure. To them we are the only ones who have found it, and it was just magically placed there for us! So thanks again Damon for bringing it up we would have missed out on a lot of family fun!

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